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Applying the exponential power of quantum technology with artificial intelligence to empower society

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About Us

Founded during the COVID pandemic by leaders from technology, business and government to help build a world class quantum computing industry in the National Capital Region.


We are a pioneering quantum technology company developing solutions focused on helping mitigate society's most vexing problems while advancing a more just and prosperous nation. 

What We Do

As trusted advisor in this early stage of the quantum industry,  we leverage our years of experience in business and technology industry, our pioneering efforts in quantum computing and an extensive network of public and private sector leaders and policy makers to help our clients take first advantage of opportunities in the Second Quantum Revolution.


As a technology company, we are building solutions that accelerate the exponential power of quantum technology with deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence, to help our clients solve the previously unsolvable, know the previously unknowable and build sustainable advantage.

"Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it."

Niels Bohr

"Nobody understands quantum mechanics."

Richard Feynman

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