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The Challenge of Our Times

The technology industry drives the US economy and has created life changing innovation that continues to transform society. It has created massive wealth for our country and those that are fortunate to participate in its success. Think Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk and the many others that are amongst the richest in the world.


Unfortunately that wealth continues to exclude historically underrepresented communities, the black and hispanic communities that have have little power and access. Programs intended to increase participation have barely improved the situation, or at all, in the past 20+ years. As the charts here clearly show that for all good intentions the model and programs have failed.

There remains a lack of skilled black technology talent, black leaders, and black companies that are the source for creating generational wealth and providing a seat at the table to split their communities.  Current STEM efforts often fall short, lacking a broader holistic, lifelong learner/earner focus. Many programs have an outside looking in view point and miss the mark.

A new approach that honestly addresses the short comings of past efforts is needed broadly. It is especially important now, in the Second Quantum Revolution and the rapidly advancing quantum technology market. The black community has an opportunity to get in early and participate more broadly in the benefits that come from the exponentially new capabilities that quantum offer. The fast moving quantum industry is in its infancy that will prove difficult to navigate for new entrants and will reward existing power structures if a new approach is not taken quickly. The moment for action is upon us.


Source: Washington Post, Nitasha Tiku, March 4, Google’s approach to historically Black schools helps explain why there are few Black engineers in Big Tech

The Opportunity for our Moment

We live in a time where addressing racial justice is at the forefront of change in our society that represents an expanded moment of opportunity.  Are we finally at a moment where we move beyond intentions, words and self serving action to provide true opportunity? Are we ready to seize the moment?


Quantum Aequita is focused on this moment, to coalesce leaders, partners and resources to help build the first quantum program that develops black talent, opportunity, and wealth. That is focused on helping Historically Black College and Universities navigate our time of change and opportunity to co-create, co-execute, co-operated and fund sustainable quantum programs. 


We are working with HBCU's based in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia to lead in the establishing  of a national model. We work with host HBCUs to build and grow education and workforce development programs students need to succeed, and that the market demands. 


We provide a wholistic approach that leverages best practices, existing programs while providing  access to new students, partners and funders.

Quantum Aequitas

Quantum Aeqitas is a movement founded in Washington DC, focused on building quantum technology talent, opportunity, and wealth in historically underrepresented communities. Aequitas is the Latin concept of justice, equality, symmetry, or fairness.  Our mission is to help those left out in the past, to get an early, and equal access to the opportunities of the next, new wave of technology growth, market disruption and wealth creation.

We are a diverse coalition of leaders from education, business, government and technology sectors with deep ties to quantum market and DMV. Our team of volunteer leader are working to capture the early lead and bring sustainable economic prosperity to the DMV region, building a critical part of a robot quantum ecosystem that promotes diversity and broader participation.

We are focused on building an innovative, wholistic, lifelong learner/earner model for broad market participation that recognizes the success and challenges of the past to think a new for more successful outcomes. 

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